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Ryan Garry is a Minneapolis MN Criminal Defense Attorney, certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association, and has developed a reputation as an accomplished trial attorney. Less than 3% of criminal defense attorneys in Minnesota have achieved this certification.

Ryan represents a wide variety of clients on criminal and investigative matters. From international celebrities, professional athletes, lawyers, doctors, corporate executives, law professors, plumbers and patched members of the Hell’s Angeles, as a specialty criminal defense firm we have an enormous amount of experience in helping individuals navigate through the criminal justice system. We do not judge our client, rather we help them.

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We are the Minneapolis criminal defense firm behind the scenes … working to solve your problem as efficiently and quietly as we can. Whether your problem ranges from Drug Offenses to Criminal Sexual Conduct to Murder, or major Federal and White Collar Crimes, we are a specialized niche criminal defense law firm designed to represent our clients as aggressively as possible. And you can rest assured that our top criminal defense team has handled cases much like yours many times over. We have been solving problems like yours for many years, so you can be confident we have the experience and proven success to handle your issue with the utmost competency.

How do you choose which MN criminal defense attorney to hire? The answer to that question should consider a number of factors, including the lawyer’s reputation, experience, history of success, and ability to work hard and be prepared for your defense. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Most of our cases are referred to us by former clients, other criminal and civil attorneys, and even prosecutors who we have battled against in trial. There is a reason our opponents refer their friends and family to us when they get in a jam … because we are good at what we do and they know it. Besides being a Criminal Law Specialist, Ryan has been named a Super Lawyer every year since 2009. He is also one of the few attorneys selected by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officer Association (MPPOA) to represent police officers during “critical incidents” while on duty. Within the last year, Ryan has successfully represented three police officers who faced potential homicide charges, either by a grand jury or prosecutor, and not a single police officer was criminally charged by a prosecutor or indicted by a state or federal grand jury.

Attorney Elizabeth R. Duel is an integral part of the team and its trial work. An expert in technology with the use of a sophisticated trial program called Trial Director (a program used by the United States Attorney’s Office and Federal Defender’s Office), she litigates nearly every jury trial with Ryan, assisting in all aspects of the litigation. Prior to joining the firm, she externed for the then-chief judge of Hennepin County Criminal Court and interned with the United States Federal Defender’s Office.

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